Drone Lab in Pd

I came across the Drone Lab V2 by Casper Electronics the other day. To put it simply, it’s an Atari Punk Console on steroids. While the APC uses a 556 timer chip as it’s oscillator, the Drone Lab has a 40106 hex schmitt trigger configured as four audio oscillators. On top of that it has tremolo for each of the oscillators, and a low pass filter, distortion and two band pass filters for the whole mix.

Not having the patience to wait for a kit to arrive, I set out to make something similar in Pure data. I made the patch to be used with the M-Audio X-Session Midi controller. The mapping, .pd file and a soundclip (headphones are highly recommended) are posted below.

Drone Lab (Pd)
EDIT: I created a git repository over at github. All past and future Pd patches can be found there.